Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The last two years have been so hectic!  I have barely had a moment to breath! 

So in the attempt to ease my load, I purchased the Dave Ramsey recommended eMeals plan, because anything Dave says to do, I try to do!  OMGravy!  Do I love it?!  It gives me my menu, and the grocery list for the store of my choice, based on the sales for the week (maximizing my savings, yay)!  Now, let me take a moment to say, I am writing this solely for the intentions of sharing a quick, easy and inexpensive method of cutting down my stress level, I am not doing this because I was asked to market anything.  I honestly am using the plan.  Don't want you all doubting my sincerity!  LOL!

Not only has this cut down on the amount of money I spend on groceries(which my financial advisor will be very proud of, hee hee), but it has cut the time I spend grocery shopping and meal planning.  I had been hesitant to try the program because I was worried the menu would be too far removed from our regular eating habits, and they are!  But so far, I have loved every meal.  And of course, if one meal is something we simply do not like, I substitute with one of my go to meals, usually with Latin flavor, and voila!  Everyone is happy!

The plans were super affordable and I have had a HUGE load taken off of my shoulders, so I thought I would share it with you all!  Below are some pictures of one of the meals from this past week and Becky thoroughly enjoying hers! 

If you are interested in purchasing the meal plan, here is a link!  Let me know how you like it!!  Don't forget to tell them I referred you!  Adlin Fleites, Busymomma3 (cause they do have a referral program to help you save even more off of your subscription!  I love this company!)