Thursday, October 8, 2015

Unexpected Turns on the Road

So, we fell in love with this adorable child and we were so excited.  We raised the money, filled out the paperwork, and prayed and prayed.  Then I wake up to an email that says she's disappeared from the shared list.  We searched all day, my friend and I.  Nothing.  

Then I was told another family committed to her.  So we mourned.  We cried, we got angry.  But we knew that God had placed that call on us, so we continued to look.  And look.  And Pray.  

And we found her.  Our Girl!  Everyone was terrified of falling for her and losing her.  But we each felt the pull to pursue her.  

We were granted one week to come up with a significant amount of money.  I prayed and asked Him to guide me.  If this is the path He was starting us on, I knew He wouldn't let us fail.  I continued selling on virtual yard sales, and I ran a raffle for a $10 Target gift card.  I asked for prayers and help. In one week's time to the day, we had the $1,700 that was asked of us.  Praise God!  

We overnighted all the papers and check, the pictures.  And we've been waiting.  I've never been a patient person.  And this process is most definitely stretching me in that area.  I've a perfectly clear mind as to how much my patience will be stretched over the next 9 to 12 months.  I'm prepared to do anything we need to do, because she is worth it.  

So tonight, as we sit and watch TV, instead of focusing on the punchline, I'm focused on names for Our Girl, one that fits her sweet smile, her cheerful visage.  I'm focused on researching the top of the line car seats, and the cutest clothes.  I'm focused on finding her a matching bed to Becky's since they are sharing a room.  I'm focused on learning basic words in Mandarin so our Precious Gift can understand her mommy and daddy when we go for her.  

I can't wait to have permission to share her picture and name with everyone.  I can't wait to shout to the world that I'm her momma!  

We are overjoyed, our hearts are full.  

Now, to go work on that patience as I stare at the computer screen waiting for the email to pop up with word from China...