Adoption Costs

Adoption Costs!

I don't even know where to begin with this one!  It has been such an overwhelming process, especially since it's our first go around!

We began the process saying we would fundraise for $36,000.  Somehow along the way the number has kept growing.  We are faithfully paying everything we can out of pocket, and the rest the donations have paid.  We have been so blessed with over $19,000 in donations.  We have paid over $3,000 out of pocket for different steps.  It's been a long journey but such a humbling and enriching experience.  We have definitely learned where our money is being wasted (you know, those pesky little money drainers you pick up without noticing) and we have done a lot of praying and minimizing across the board!  All things that make us feel like we are moving closer to God's intended use of our finances.  I could say somethings have been sacrificial but honestly, after the initial emotion of sadness (think of this part when selling some family heirlooms), it's all stuff, just stuff.  My girl's life is so much more important and we are totally at peace with the decisions we've made so far.  

I hope that I am able to get it all down "on paper" as we paid, and I'm pulling from my friend's blog the things coming up, so that I have a check list of sorts (you all know I love my lists!) and hopefully so that everyone sees how the process goes. 

Here goes nothing!!

Initial Fees

PAID $1,000 - initial application fee with our placing agency 
PAID $700 - placement fee for acceptance of the referral of a specific child
PAID $2,000 - Home Study fee
PAID $72 - Criminal History Check 
PAID $25 - Start Up Fee to become Reece's Rainbow family (FSP)
PAID $250 - Donation to Reece's Rainbow for FSP
PAID $2,500 - to agency when they review Home Study
PAID $1,600 - Post placement report fees
PAID $975 - I-800A Application Fee ($720 application fee plus $255 fingerprinting fee)
PAID $100 - medical exams
PAID $250 - obtaining original documents (Vital statistics, divorce and marriage records)
PAID $180 - Hague Package- China Edition (basically adoption classes)

Subtotal - $9,652

Fees Associated with Dossier

PAID $1431 - Assistant Stork ($418 Dossier document prep, plus all appropriate copies,    
       state stamps and seals, Consulate stamps and seals, and parking/travel fees the   
PAID $600 - costs for FedEx mail throughout Dossier Prep Process
PAID $260- Dossier Translation fee
PAID $1,150 - Dossier registration fee paid to China
PAID $2,800 - CCCWA when Dossier is submitted
PAID $3,000- Agency Processing Fee
PAID $70 - pictures for Dossier, including family pictures, passport pictures for each 
       parent, and the plastic sleeves to mount it all in
PAID $25 - check fees from bank for cashier's checks, and shipping

Subtotal - $9,336

Prior to Travel

PAID $162 - Passport for Manny (pictures, Hernando County processing fee, and passport 
PAID $280 - Visas for us to travel
PAID $100 - courier fees for visas
PAID $3,005 - estimated costs for meals, ground transfers, tips, guide, translator (BLAS fees
             service fee $1980)
PAID $1,920 - hotel estimate while in China 
PAID $2,850 - flight travel from US to China for mom, dad, and flight back for Miss. 
PAID $350 - visa for Miss. Lucy 
PAID $750 - post adoption bond
PAID $250 - FedEx Fees during final process 

Subtotal - $9,667

During Travel in China

PAID $1,052 - preparation of Chinese adoption documents and passport for Miss. Lucy
WAIVED (PRAISE GOD!!!!) $5,600 - Orphanage donation 
PAID $220 - Medical Exam and Vaccination for Miss. Lucy

Subtotal - $6,872

Items Paid for Not Accounted in Fundraising Money

PAID $100 - For Lucy's birthday cake, not necessary but we couldn't pass it by without 
        acknowledging it!  
PAID $250 - Lucy's Bedroom Set
PAID $154 - Introduction Package to Lucy (info about our family)
PAID $180 - Booster, Luggage, Backpack for Lucy
PAID $600 - Clothes, accessories, bedding and hygiene items for Lucy
PAID $150 - Updates/accommodations/preparations in house for Lucy

Subtotal - $1,434 (not included in totals below)



We have seen God's favor in our lives, in our process to bring our daughter home, and He has given us strength and energy to keep things going when we didn't think we would be able to anymore.  So many people showed up and sacrificed to help us on our way.  We have been so amazingly blessed!  

And somehow, we managed to send a kid to college and pay over $4000 up front on fees and "stuff" for her dorm!  God has really stretched our dollars this year!!! 

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