Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Daughter

It is incredible how much we have been "GOING" lately!  We received pre approval for our girl, and before the joy set in we were already knee deep in paperwork!

Now, let me back track.  In case you missed it.  We received PreApproval for our girl!!!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!!  Praise God!

So, here introducing to you Lucy Ilisa Fleites!

We are so excited!  I haven't stopped crying since! LOL!  

I knew that I was going to be going through 'pregnancy feelings' during the adoption process.  I spoke to adoption mommas, I researched in the University library, I searched online for credible, scholarly sources that would prepare me.  I almost forgot my final paper to my class, because this was obviously more pertinent and fun! 

I was not expecting to cry for everything.  To forget almost everything.  To misplace everything.  

I was not expecting to feel loss.

That one took me by complete surprise.  As I started preparing for Thanksgiving, I started thinking of all the years she has spent alone, without someone to make a special meal for her.  Or bake her a special birthday cake.  My heart broke over and over again.  I found solace in the fact that God knows His children by name and loves them, I know she is covered by His love.  

So, the last month has consisted of purchasing large, wholesale club sized tissue boxes, and paperwork!  So much paperwork.  Also, selling and fundraising and working overtime (Manny) so we can cover the costs of bringing our girl home!    Here is Becky announcing our yard sale!  She's a hard worker!

We started a FB page, called Long Road Home.  You are all welcome to join us there to keep track of our adoption journey.  It is so much easier for us to post to in a hurry or on the go.  

In closing, I'll give you another peak at our daughter!

Please keep us in prayer as we work on bring Lucy home and for her protection!!!