Friday, February 17, 2012


I have been on the phone for over two hours.  Making appointments for Yudith for a Pediatric Orthopedics, which required me to call Tricare, then several doctors, then her PCP, once I found a Dr that could see her, to get a referral.

Ok.  Done. 

Now,I have called Becky's insurance about a Pediatric Ophthamologist, to be told I have to go through a separate insurance.  So I call them, am on hold for several minutes, then to be told I have to call her primary insurance back because they don't cover ophthamology, only optometry.  Oooookay.

I call the primary insurance back, again.  Explain the whole situation to a young man that is, apparently, in a hurry to get to lunch because he is speeding through the preliminary questions.  After he interrupts me for the third time I take a deep, audible breath.  And then I ask him if he could please listen to what I'm saying instead of ignoring me then proceeding to ask the same things I just explained to him.  He stutters that he IS listening.  Yeah, right.  So were my kids when I asked them to clean their bathroom last night, and HEY! I had to ask again this morning. 

"Let's try this again, Son.  I need you to focus on me.  I need a pediatric ophthamologist for my 7 year old Downs Syndrome daughter, who cannot speak.  Which is why an optometrist can not see her, she needs an ophthamologist with all the special machinery to determine how her sight is, to give her a script for new glasses.  I called you guys earlier and you asked me to call the vision plan, they said they don't cover opthamalogy, only optometry.  I need you to give me the name of an ophthalmologist in the area to see her." 

His brilliant response, "Why?  Does she need glasses or surgery?  I can give you the phone number to the vision plan.  They can set her up with a vision exam."


If I could have murdered him over the line, I would have strangled him right then and there.  At this point I don't know what else to say to him, because there is nothing I can say to make things more clear to this boy. 

"Just give me the phone number to any ophthamologist in the area, and you can go have lunch, ok?!"   He finally gives me the info I need.  Now, I make the calls to the doctor offices.  NOT A SINGLE ONE IS A PEDIATRIC OPHTHAMOLOGIST.  REALLY?!?! 

Back to square one... 

You know, I don't expect a miracle here, I just want an intelligent person, that can listen to what I'm saying, show me the respect I show them, give me the information that I need, and I will be on my way.  I just want to get my baby new glasses....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I tell my family every day how much I love them, so no, we do not go all out for Valentine's Day.  I do give my girls a little treat, this year is was a ring pop, and I gave each of them a card talking about God's love for us. 

I send my grown children, parents, sisters and nieces I love you's.  Manny will usually bring me flowers several days before, or after.  I love getting flowers but NOT on V Day.  (You just paid twice what they were worth, and I'm a Clearance Girl at heart, so this is offensive to me!)  I make dinner everyday, so making a "Special Meal" seems redundant, since I do that all the time!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love getting cards, flowers, chocolates!  But I'd rather you brought them to me on a random day, one that tells me that you thought of ME that day.  Not on the day that society is REMINDING you to bring me a token of your affection. 

Manny has learned over the years that if he brings me a token today, he gets a sweet thank you and I go back to my everyday tasks, but for the flowers he brought me last week, he got a sincere thank you with a side dish of kisses! ;) 

Roses Manny brought me last week!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So, I have survived the first week of school!  I finished all my assignments ahead of time, got all my housework and the girls' schoolwork done, and didn't have to cancel any of their activities or appointments.  I even have next weeks assignments started.  Woo hoo!!  The first day, I was so overwhelmed that I had to send my Ladies a message to help bring me back from the anxiety cliff's edge.  But then I got the adrenaline rush!  Which was great!  It's gotten me through the week.

Our first assignment was to write our introduction with all our dreams, motivation for returning to school, what we did for a living, etc.  I'm thinking, "Oh, HECK NOOOO!"  I'm NOT getting THAT personal with a bunch of people I don't know.  It took me several attempts at writing this paper before I turned it in.  And as I'm reading some of the other discussions going on, I'm getting even more nervous.  OMGravy!  Some of the posts were uber personal.   Sigh...

But I made it through, and went on to the next.  Weeeeell, don't you know that the second assignment was to identify my learning strengths and weaknesses.  Hello!?  Ultra self critical me?  You want ME to analyze MYSELF?  HAHAHA!  OOOHHH, I got this one!!

I have to say, that I have had a lot of help from my hubby and the girls this week!  Manny took care of the laundry, the girls have done all their chores without me nagging, and even Buddy has been helpful by letting me sleep!  LOL!!  Or, wait, maybe I'm just so tired when I fall into bed that I can't HEAR him snoring!!

I love my family, my life and how everything is falling into place!  God seems to be always sending me little reminders that He's watching over us.  I feel so blessed!!