Monday, September 5, 2016

We are so close to traveling to bring Miss Lucy home. There have been so many emotions in the last week and I've spent a lot of time drawing closer to God. I'm not going to say I have a ton of answers, or even just a few. But I am feeling much more focused again. We had a person, a friend that has been following our journey closely, ask if I had considered if we heard God's call on our lives correctly, if I had considered maybe we weren't meant to adopt and that's why things were as they were. Well, I'll be honest, I was devastated that this was actually voiced, much less thought of. But I prayed, and cried, and prayed some more. And God directed me over and over and over to so many commands of taking care of orphans, so many examples in my days about adoption, so many people I met affected positively through adoption. And I KNOW that we heard Him loud and clear. I've never doubted that He called us to this path. Not only are we meant to adopt, we are meant to serve as advocates for adoption. One phrase kept coming up through the last week, at the hospital, at the grocery store, on the internet and over the phone I kept hearing it: God's plans for you are not affected or altered by the disbelief of others in your ability to carry them out. And I feel peace about that. If someone doesn't think we're capable of doing what God set us out to do, they aren't really doubting me, they are doubting His abilities to do what He clearly says in the Bible he's going to do. James 14:18 I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you. He sent us out for Lucy and we won't be derailed by doubt or disbelief. We will continue to push forward, to try anything and everything we can to bring her home. 

We still have $14925 left to raise. I KNOW He's going to provide that. I KNOW we will be traveling and bringing home our sweet girl. She will never know fear of loneliness again. She will have her place in her own tribe and she will know that she is ADORED by her Father, and loved by her family. I KNOW that the hearts that she will touch will encourage others to move to adopt. I am not angry or upset at those that doubt. I believe those are the hearts that will be moved. God is working and we will be blown away with the end results. 

I have gotten to the point where, honestly, it's a little embarrassing to keep asking for your support. I know so many people have given from their already stretched resources. So instead of asking you for money, again, I'm going to ask for your help in another way. I know everyone hates fundraising, hates asking for money. However, could I please ask you to partner with us on one huge project? 

If we can get each of the 339 puzzle pieces that are left in our Puzzle Fundraiser "sponsored" we can have a huge portion of our remaining balance taken care of, their name goes on the back of a puzzle piece, and once completed, the puzzle will be mounted in a double sided frame and hung in Lucy's room so she can always see all the people that helped bring her home. Would you guys please personally contact 10 people and ask for a donation of at least $10 to sponsor one puzzle piece. They can do so through our FSP link with Reece's Rainbow so they can print a receipt to add to their tax donations. Or through my paypal account.  

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